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Marc M
Hey all. I mentioned this to some guys at the meet this week.. I have an entry for the Teschner design contest going on. It's currently leading and i'm asking you to help me win a new carbon track frame.  And I would be proud to rep' it down San Carlos if I do win.

I AM OPTION F (black background, skeleton looking frame)
You have to sign up in order to vote. Its a good forum to talk about racing at Hellyer for you trackies..

If you genuinely feel another design is better... go ahead and vote for it.
It was just a overnight job i did cuz i only found out about it the day before it was due. I'm only leading because the competition isn't that stiff. My entry could be wayy better.

As of now i havent asked anyone to help me, so all the current votes are LEGIT. LOL.