**Please post in the Names to Faces thread.**

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**Please post in the Names to Faces thread.**

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Hey, if you are new or have ridden with us before please post in the names to faces thread. It just makes things easier when coming out to meets and knowing whose who. Even all you OG folks who haven't posted in there, Please do. Please dont be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone at these rides. Everyone is cool. Please, no elitist attitudes. :)

I know it can be overwhelming coming out to a meet for the first time and seeing 20+ people you dont know but the last thing i want is for ANYONE to feel alienated or not welcome. Yes there are people in the group that are closer but there is absolutely no reason why you cannot be a part of that. Just come out more and have some fun. Remember, we're here to RIDE, not front. Take it easy!

btw- I will also be editing that Names to Faces thread so that its only Names to Faces. No comments. Comments can be saved for another thread. It will just be easier to go through that thread without comments. :)